Angry Conversations With God

Posted on September 7, 2009


AngryConervsationsWithGod2          I may only be a 23 year old male from the South, but that didn’t stop me from voraciously reading  Angry Conversations With God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir and seeing parts of myself throughout the entire book. And it’s rare for me to be able to say that. One knows they’ve read a great book when one is able to identify, empathize, and take part in what they’re reading, and Susan Isaacs has succeeded in making all three an inevitability for everyone that opens her book.  

          When I was a kid, my brother and I weren’t allowed to curse. Not abnormal, I think. But it was during one episode of Seinfeld that we seized our chance to embellish upon a questionable expletive! Little did I know that Susan was the mother of the “Cute, little bastard” that helped inspire my first experience with profanity! You can view the scene below:

          Her book, Angry Conversations With God, is the story of a spiritually dissatisfied woman that decides to take God to couples therapy.  Working off of the idea that we are the “bride of Christ” and the thought from a John Eldredge book that says our relationship with God is like a marriage, Susan begins to tell her story from the couch of a relationship therapist…

          I’m not one to regurgitate a book’s content in writing a review because for me, that defeats the purpose; however, I will say that Susan’s book is beautiful, and anyone that reads this blog, needs to go buy the book. It is one of the few books that that I believe you’ll read multiple times, and one that you’ll recommend to your friends. I’ve read it three times now and I’ve seen something different every single time. So please, go buy it. Click the beautiful picture of Susan below, and click “add to cart”. I promise you’ll thank me…


          This fall/winter Susan will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime, as she opens up Don Miller’s “A Million Miles” tour in 60+ cities around the country.  For more info about Susan click the following links:

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