Writing Update…

Posted on November 6, 2009


clove1So God has done it again… Done what, you might ask? He’s just done it. He’s shown me how incredibly incapable I am of doing anything well if I’m lazy. For those of you who don’t know, I’m writing a book right now. Not writing an obscure book that probably won’t ever get published. No. I’m writing a book that should be out sometime in 2011.

Two weeks ago I met up with my agent at Panera Bread. The meeting was scheduled so we could go over the first five chapters together, for the book proposal. I was excited. I was nervous. Would she red pen every page like a cruel English teacher, would she love it, or would she make me start over from scratch? The first two options, or doors if you will, I prayed for. The last option scared the proverbial crap out of me. Guess what door I got?


Why did I get door number three?

Because, while the writing wasn’t necessarily bad, my “voice” wasn’t consistent. (It was the nice way of saying, they sucked, and she would know much better than I.)

I must also say that while I was dismayed to receive the news, I trust my agent implicitly. She is an incredible, INCREDIBLE agent, and to even know her blows me away… Much less work with her! Quite literally, anything she says is as good as gold.

So, over the past two weeks I’ve been rewriting everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! The good news is that two of the five chapters I was told to redo, are done. Not only are they done but she approves (THANK GOD)!

I say all of this to illustrate one thing. While God has given me the desire and talent to be a writer, He did not give me the ability to write without working at it… I’m not Hank Moody (if you get that reference, we are now friends), and I am not Hemingway. My tendency to write lazily will never fly if I want to be published…

At a recent Q&A, Don Miller said that though the writer may write 10 times, he will only feel true inspiration and ease once or twice. BUT in order to truly write, the writer must write the other 8 or 9 times to reach those moments. Writing is not effortless and it’s not easy. Writing, I’ve learned, takes a lot of work.

So with this I’ll close. God, thank you for using my agent to teach me this lesson now, and thank you for NOT making my dreams easily achieved. I’m a much better person for having bled onto the page, instead of merely sweating on it. Blood really is thicker than water.