What Is Church?

Posted on January 10, 2010


I was raised in church, a very strict church, and over the years I’ve made the journey from one church to another.

Some conservative.

Some Emergent.

Some friendly.

Some not so friendly.

And what I’ve come to realize for myself is the church has become an idol, a golden cow that we bow to. The average church is well-intentioned, but the exclusivity shows that the modern church is more of a country club than a family of believers. It is a very different creäture than the church we see in Acts.

I don’t believe we need church. I believe we need each other. I believe we need fellowship with believer and non believer alike. The Bible says that we are the church, and taken in that context then yes we need church. But spare me the buildings and the light shows. Spare me the worship songs that tell me to sing about singing. Spare me the community service opportunities that happen once a month and are followed by three weeks of the pastor patting himself on the back for the hour his congregation spent handing out sandwiches to the homeless. Spare me the 45 minute sermons once a quarter about tithing. Spare me the cheesy videos that attempt to emulate pop culture in an attempt to be cool. Spare me the focus on being “hip, relevant, and cutting edge”. (Quick tip: if someone says they’re hip, relevant, or “cutting edge”, they are none of the above.) A pastor wearing Abercrombie does not make a church hip. A rock band leading worship does not make a church relevant. And technology most certainly does not make a church cutting edge.

But love is radical.

Love is cutting edge.

Love is always relevant.

So I’ve got a question. Feel free to comment, feel free to click away from this blog and forget you ever read this… What is church to you? What do you think church should be that it isn’t, and what is it that it’s supposed to be?