Eye of the Waffle: Episode 2– “I Wish”

Posted on January 16, 2010


I wish I looked like this… But then again I wish I had a million dollars too. As I found out in my first workout with my brother, nothing comes instantly, and when our wishes are shown difficult to carry out,  they can be hindrances instead of ideals. I wish I looked like Gerard Butler, but the real question is how much time, effort and energy am I really willing to put in to look like him?

When I walked into the gym on Thursday I wanted to workout until I puked, to be able to walk away feeling instantly impressed with myself. I didn’t get that. Instead my brother showed me the importance of the process, of stretching the right way and working the right muscles, in the right order. My first workout didn’t kick my butt, but it showed me how mentally skewed my understanding of health really is. Had my brother thrown me into a gauntlet of pain, I would be unable to go back tomorrow for my next workout, which would defeat the purpose of the first. My body simply isn’t ready for the hard stuff yet.

Maybe I’m just over analyzing everything, but working out with my trainer/brother has already shown me two things: I’m lazy, and I’ve bought into the social ideal of instant gratification. Working out regularly now is not just about me getting more physically fit, it’s about gaining a self-perspective I wouldn’t have otherwise. There’s a process to this crazy thing called life, a process to everything, and though we may wish for certain things we may not always be ready for them.

So I will continue working, continue learning, so that one day my dream of looking like Gerard Butler is realized, but until that day I will be be content in the process knowing that I am winning small victories every time I try.