Concerning Jake, aka The Bachelor

Posted on January 19, 2010


I know this is an odd blog to write, but I wanted to just give a quick “www” high-five to Jake, the Bachelor this season on ABC…

Jake is honestly the most genuine person I’ve seen on tv and tonight he not only got rid of the resident psychopath, he also impressed me with how he handled a few of the girls.

Dare I even say it? I think Jake is the first Bachelor, the first person on any reality tv show, that I truly respect. His spiritual beliefs seem strong, and he has been very considerate so far. I just hope he won’t cave to some of the women in that house.  They are almost all crazies hell-bent on self publicity.

Jake is now only second to the evil Dr. Will from Big Brother 2 and 7, in my list of favorite reality personalities. I hope wherever he is, and whomever he chose during the filming, are happy.

Okay… Now if you feel the need to rebuke me for not only watching the Bachelor, but being someone that’d blog about the Bachelor, I understand. But know this! I am not as much of a fan of the show as I am of the guy they picked. What a breath of fresh air! I actually care about whether or not he finds someone… Okay flog away!

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