Writing Update: A Title and a Domain

Posted on January 30, 2010


I’ve always had a difficult time titling things. Poetry, blogs, naming pets, all of these pose a distinct challenge for me because I over think almost everything. Last year I set out to write a book, and for the past 17 months have been living, eating, sleeping, and breathing this project as if I was pregnant with a child. And in a way I am pregnant, not with human life but with words that I hope will impart life, show the very sanctity of it. No it’s not about abortion. Sheesh! My deadline is in April, and I’m about 3 Centimeters dilated. 3 Centimeters and still no title. Then last week it hit me, and for the past week I’ve been excited, borderline ADHD to get this book done so I can see how everything looks as a whole. 10 fingers, 10 toes, a name, and heart. Think of those fingers and toes metaphorically please.

Last night a friend and fellow Outlaw Preacher surprised me with the news that he’d purchased the domain name for the title of the book. Even if tentative, knowing that, that domain name exists, that a billboard for the space that will represent my work in the vast ocean of the WWW is mine, is a huge encouragement to me as I put my nose to the grindstone in February, attempting to reach at least the halfway point by the end of the month! Every day I’m one step closer to fulfilling a dream, and more importantly a calling that I feel God has given me as a blessing and an opportunity.

If you want to read a few sample paragraphs, see the blog prior to this one. Note: some of you have asked and I’m putting it out there. The endings to both paragraphs were removed prior to it being posted, as they relate to the details of this project that I am still unable to delve into. Forgive the Titanic reference, and the scene of the crime imagery. Those two sentences were placed there for spacing reasons.

As for now, while finishing this thing, I’ll be reviewing several books written by authors who are “raising” their books, now published. Included will be Crave by Chris Tomlinson, Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner, and Faithbook of Jesus by Renee Johnson. Who knows, I might throw some Bukowski in there to mix it up.

Thanks to the people who have taken this journey with me and are taking it by faithfully reading my humble attempt at a blog. I am in your debt.