Posted on February 17, 2010


I consider Matthew Paul Turner to be one of the most consistent Christian authors alive right now. He also happens to be the funniest! Some of you might disagree, but then again some of you probably enjoy Carrot Top and watching Jersey Shore. If you need proof though it’s a good time to see for yourself. Today Matthew Paul Turner’s new book “Hear No Evil” was released, and if the buzz I’m seeing online is any indication of how well this book will do then I think it will be his biggest yet.

But before I go on, here is a Sandi Patti video:

A writer friend once told me that with books it doesn’t necessarily matter how good the writing is as long as the content resonates with the reader. And if that’s true then Matthew is a double threat. Not only does his work resonate with me– we were raised in the same fundamentalist denomination growing up– it is  quality writing as well!

Reading Hear No Evil took me back to my childhood, where Sandi Patti was criticized for having percussion on her albums, and anything not talking about God was considered the Devil’s music. Funny fact, as a child I went through a church split, and what was it over? Our church split because the pastor wanted to bring contemporary Christian music into the church and a large number of the parishioners didn’t want it. Pretty petty reason to break up a body of believers, unless you’re an Independent Baptist and then it’s no big deal.

I highly encourage all of you to go out and buy this book. Not only is it funny, it is a chance to take a journey into a life transformed by music, and getting to witness that first hand is a pleasure.

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