God Is the Needle and I’m the LP: C1

Posted on March 4, 2010


[Above Picture: My traditional birthday tent on my 16th birthday]

I’ve lived in my house since I was six. I love this house, even though in it I’ve seen almost two decades worth of happiness and pain. Tonight I began to pack my things. My dad is getting married in June and I’ve got to start packing for the move. It’s an odd thing to not only leave the nest [again], but know that, that nest will no longer exist. I stand on the front porch smoking a cigarette and I can see myself rollerblading back and forth on the porch, learning how to stop and turn and build speed. I see myself at 12 on Christmas Eve with my family, and I see myself making out with my first girlfriend in the den. I see the place where I found out that I’d lost a best friend in a car accident, and the place where I celebrated all of my birthdays, from six to twenty. I see the place I found out my parents were getting a divorce, and the place where my mom, brother and I put our lives back together. And now I’m packing it all up, memories and torments and tears and laughter. I’m packing up 17 years, in boxes that somehow fit perfectly together, and I wish my life fit together as easily.

I’ve read books and watched movies where someone’s life was told through a particular amount of time. In Marley and Me it was a dog’s life that began the story. In mine it’s this house.  So I write this short blog to ask all of you to pray for me. Pray that I find home again, and that I never cease giving thanks to God for all that He has given to me. Pray that this next era of my life is as fruitful as the last, and that I once more find my stride on the path that God has laid for me.

Don’t take anything for granted. It is all important. It is all precious. It is all beautiful…

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