I Need Your Input!

Posted on March 9, 2010


This could be one of the most important blogs I write… And as such I would like anyone who takes the time to read this thing to weigh in with your opinion by commenting. Not only that but I ask all of you to be praying for me as I make this decision.

Several days ago I was looking for apartments in Nashville and found myself on Craigs List. Out of nowhere I was hit with an idea that has consumed me over the past 5 days…

Move to Portland, Oregon…

I don’t know what it is, and am hesitant to say “It was the Spirit”… Yet. BUT as the days pass and I pray about it more and more I’m leaning towards taking the leap.

The Pros: A fresh start, a chance to get a few things back on track, an adventure, a kick butt road-trip, and the chance to live in a cool new city…

The Cons: I’d be leaving all of my friends and family, the sources of stability I have in my friends and family, I’d have to learn a new city– the learning curve is longer for me my friends– and I’d miss out on a lot of big things happening back here that I’ve been planning.

Now it is your turn… Please let me know what you think, and pray for me as I make a decision. AND if you know anyone in or around Portland that is looking for a roomy, let me know! Same goes for jobs!

Please let me know what you think and comment below! And if any of you would like to hang out along the way let me know!