Countdown: 36 Days

Posted on March 18, 2010


It’s amazing to see how time flies, whether we want it to or not… And I guess that’s one of the reasons I’ve decided to leave, if you want to know the truth. Before I know it, I’ll be married with kids, and like a flower my body and mind will wither away to nothing. We’ve only got one chance at this thing after all, and while it makes more sense for me to stay, around my friends and family and everything I know, I know I would look back and wonder what would have been.

Don Miller says our lives are like stories, motivated and moved by the intricacies of plot and conflict, and character development. I agree. This move has elements of the first two, and I know my character will be tested.

A friend asked me today why I’m leaving, and I couldn’t explain it. But I told her that I would regret it if one day I woke up with the responsibility of a family and couldn’t go on another adventure. I remember feeling these same things before I left for Florida. I was there 7 months and the experience changed my life. I hope this will do the same.

So I guess all that’s left is to tell you where I’m at and what progress has been made.

Today or tomorrow I should be hearing from my potential new landlady, who is calling my character references to see if she likes me enough to let me live in her home. I pray it works out. The place I’ve found is beautiful and it suits me. It’s in St. Johns, a district just north of the city (about 8 minutes out), and I feel good about it. Please pray with me as I secure a place to live, an office and a bed with which to finish my book.

Also my room is finally done. It took me 5 days of hard work and sweat to gather, sort, pack and discard belongings. My car hates me right now for all that is inside it. Tomorrow the Realtor is coming to the house to do the initial run through. We hope it sells quickly.

And work is going well too! I am working at Anytime Fitness with my brother and enjoying it. I only have two weeks left, guaranteed and, I’m praying for another two. I desperately need the money.

Lastly my car is due for a thorough inspection. I’ll get the tires rotated and balanced a week or so before I leave. The car is the one “if” about this whole move! Will it make it? Will the little 1999 Honda Accord drive 2,500 miles and make it across the country? I have no clue to be honest with you! Pray it holds together… If it does, I’m home free!

I hope everyone is well! I’ll post again when I hear whether or not I’ve gotten the place!

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