Countdown: 20 Days

Posted on April 3, 2010


Yesterday everything about this move became that much more real. I deposited May’s rent in my landlord’s account and now have everything set for the move. I walked out of the bank with butterflies. It was like my desire had somehow become real, and I know I’ll experience that feeling once again as I pull into Portland on May 1st– that is if my car makes it!

My itinerary for the drive has been set. It’s mapped out and printed off and it’s going to be quite a drive.

I leave Nashville and drive to Kansas City where I’ll stay until the morning of the 26th. It’s roughly a 10 hour drive, and I’m looking forward to seeing my extended family while I’m there.

I leave Kansas City and will drive to Colorado Springs. The Haggard family has been gracious enough to host me while I’m there. I’m looking forward to meeting them and swapping stories! After watching the documentary The Trials of Ted Haggard on HBO I’ve got a lot of questions for them, and I know it will be a sweet chance to make new friends!

On the morning of the 27th I drive North through Colorado and will spend the night a little North of Salt Lake City. Unfortunately this is going to be the roughest leg of the trip. My next stop is Boise and it’s 14 hours from Colorado Springs, so I’m going to have to sleep at a rest area unless I find someone in Salt Lake to hang with.

On the evening of the 28th I’ll get to Boise. I can’t wait to hang with Chad Estes and his family! Chad has been gracious enough to give me an extra day of rest on the 29th and I’ll leave the morning of the 30th and head to Portland.

So far the 30th is the one day I’ve got no idea about. I can’t move into my place until the 1st so I’ll probably chill with a friend in Portland until the next morning. Then I’ll move my stuff in and take some much needed rest!

And ultimately, on May 2nd I’ll begin my stay in Portland the right way by going to Red Sea Church about 5 blocks away from my new place. If all goes according to plan it will be a morning of worship and thanksgiving. I’ll be relieved and excited to finally be in Portland.

Then on May 3rd normal life will begin and I’ll start job hunting like a madman. I’ve already got some gigs in Portland that will help pay the bills but I want to find something new and will hopefully be able to work a job in Portland or nearby Vancouver Washington.

So there you have it. In 3 weeks I’ll be setting off and seeing the country.  If anyone lives around the Salt Lake area or somewhere in between Colorado Springs and Boise and wants to put me up for a night email me!…

I hope you guys have an incredible Easter! I’ll be enjoying a quiet day at the house and might catch up with some friends in the afternoon.  I’m not the type to make a huge deal out of Easter because it is always a day that I’m reminded that I am personally responsible for Jesus’ death on the cross, and that my sins are the reason why my God was made to suffer. Yes it is a beautiful thing to know that I have been released from my bondage to those sins, but it is a gift I never have or ever will deserve, and for me that makes the day a more solemn occasion.

Pax Vobiscum!

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