Countdown: 4 Days (Continued)

Posted on April 20, 2010


I spent the morning with my dad. It was a good time, and I got to tell him a lot that I felt I needed to before I leave. It’s amazing how forgiveness can foster healing within a relationship, and it’s nice to see that healing in a relationship that has been so strained over the past few years.

But then my day took a turn. After spending time with a close friend’s mom, talking for hours about things we can do as Christians to show love to those outside the faith (I won’t get into specifics), I made my way home. It was then I had my first hiccup in weeks. The blue lights of the cop car pulled me over and I was given a ticket for expired tags. The irony was that I was on my way to take the emissions test and renew my tags. Oh joy. The cop was nice and showed me how I could escape with only a $12 fee, but still the stress of dealing with one more detail before Saturday is wearing me down.

I’m home now, trying to make my book deadline and praying for a miracle. I’ve never felt so far removed from my comfort zone. Well except for all of last year, but you will hear about that soon enough.

Please pray that I will get everything done that needs to be before Saturday morning, and that tonight I will actually get the sleep I’ve been so deprived of the past few nights.

And thank you for the emails regarding my last blog. I challenge you to share your story through comments though, if for no other reason than it is a blessing to learn from all of you in the void that is the WWW.