Countdown: 4 Days

Posted on April 20, 2010


Four days.

I’m in disbelief.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I drove around Bellevue thinking and praying and memorizing details of the places I’ve been to a million times over the past 17 years.

I’m so excited about this move. I’m excited to see what God has for me outside of my comfort zone.

I was talking with one of my favorite people last night and it occurred to me that I learn the most and grow the strongest while I’m outside of my comfort zone. Is that really the key to it all, to this life that Paul refers to so boldly as a race?

Several days ago I wrote about dreams. Not the kind you have while asleep, the kind that you possess for your life. The what ifs. The I wish’s. And I came to the conclusion that money and fear are the two greatest things that keep us from living the life we could but usually don’t.

Scratch that. I think the most hindering facet to life that keeps us from our dreams is our own comfort zone. And like our dreams our comfort zones are as unique as our dreams. It is only when we leave our comfort zone that we see what can be, and that we see the quality paths that we would have otherwise missed if we walk the same path every day. Isn’t that even the definition of a rut? If we walk the same exact path day in and day out doesn’t that path wear beneath our feet to such an extent that we bury ourselves and obstruct our own viewpoints?

Note: I am not saying everyone needs to move every year to walk an alternate path. I’m saying that the simple act of changing up even the small details of our lives is the same thing. If you have a bad relationship with a sibling, make an effort to heal that relationship. If you are bitter at a parent or are frustrated with a spouse, take a step away from that emotion and work through the foliage and the crap as you tread a different route. I’m saying be conscious of your life, and be willing to take the simple steps, and the sometimes frightful risks that steer us away from our comfort zones.

As a kid I used to love exploring the woods nearby my house with my brother. We knew every inch of that small plot of land. Every tree, every stone, every detail. Why don’t we do that as adults. Why don’t we explore the world around us?

Leaving for Portland is exciting for me because its new territory to explore, new people to love, new adventures to dive into. It’s a chance to whisper sonnets while hiking the trails around Mt. Hood, and a chance to meet new people who I can invest in, or even fall in love with. It’s a chance to change my perspective, and when we change our perspectives we have the chance to see everything in a different way. I think God wants me to see Him in Portland. I think God wants to see Him in Paris. I think God wants me to see Him from Africa. I think God wants me to develop the habit of trying to see Him everywhere. Then when I’m standing in church and singing “How Great Is Our God” I’ll have a better idea of what that actually means because I will have gotten more glimpses while I strayed from that dangerous and destructive rut that is my comfort zone.

It may sound like a cliché but my favorite part of one of my favorite movies– Dead Poet’s Society– is when the students stand on their desks to honor their teacher. It is a moment of honor and of respect. And I wonder, how many of us that call ourselves men and women of faith, have stood on our “desks” and shown the lover of our souls the same respect? How many are too lazy to even stand?

I know I have been for most of my life.

As I prepare myself for this next stand, I’m praying for you my friends. I hope also that you are praying for me! And most of all I hope that wherever I am and whatever desk I climb onto, I won’t be alone in that salute.

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