Roadtrip Update: Two Days In Boise!

Posted on May 2, 2010


So much has been happening that I’ve fallen a few days behind! I’m currently in Portland. I arrived safely and was thankful to be home. I’ll write more about Portland tomorrow. For now it’s time to tell you about Boise!

Boise is a place I never thought I’d visit, but when I discovered that my twitter friend @chad_estes (Chad Estes obviously) lived there with his family, I had to go. They were gracious enough to invite me and I was stoked to have the opportunity to hang out with them. First let me say that Chad is a man after my own heart! He’s a reader, a thinker, and isn’t beholden to the institutional church, choosing instead to live out church within his community– very similar to Jim Palmer (who wrote the kick butt book Divine Nobodies).

Next I have to say that Chad has one of the coolest families I’ve ever spent time with! He has a wife and four children, two boys and two girls, and all of them are characters. Bonnie, who suffered through two days of me calling her Bon Bon, is precocious unlike any kid I’ve ever met. She’s ballsy and intense, and her sense of humor had me rolling the entire visit. Their youngest Renton reminds me of the kid on the Blindside. The last morning I was there I bench pressed him like Big Mike did in the movie and we were cracking up. Kona is Chad and Jaime’s oldest daughter and she is probably one of the most level-headed teenage girls I’ve ever met. She’s got an awesome boyfriend, Collin, who is about to leave for West Point, and he blew me away too! COLLIN IS THE ALL AMERICAN BOY! Stephen is a coffee drinking lacrosse player who reminds me of Ashton Kutcher. The day I got there we went and watched one of his games and it was a blast!

The thing about community is that when people live it, everyone around them is challenged to be a better person. It is, in my opinion, the easiest way to encourage better-ness, and the entire time I was in Boise I was challenged to a higher standard.

Chad and family, thank you so much for spending the time ministering to me in my travels and caring enough to invest. You are truly a man after God’s own heart.