Portland: Ep. 1

Posted on May 5, 2010


Tim here. Haven’t blogged in a few days because I’m exhausted and am trying to let my body recover from the 2,700 mile, week-long trip. Not to mention that I’m getting used to the higher elevation, the weather, and once again living on the third floor at a place. Bigger boys don’t like stairs. It’s just a fact. So this blog is going to be concise and I’ll try to give you the important details without making you read a bunch of smaller details.

I drove from Boise to Portland with my mouth hanging open the entire trip. The views were breathtaking and I am amazed at how beautiful Oregon is!

Portland is everything I hoped for and more, the very vibe of it speaking to the writer inside of me.  Cafe’s and pubs are everywhere and I feel like I’m in a place that God created personally for me. I’m so excited to write here, and to find my favorite spots to finish my book.

I’ve been dating a girl named Marissa. She’s honestly the most kindhearted and beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Whether or not it works out, my life is so much better for knowing her, and I’m enjoying the time we are spending together in Portland.

I’ve got a new church, Red Sea, which is FANTASTIC! The pastor is a leader I can walk behind and learn from. I feel drawn to his ministry and hope I can be an active participant instead of just another face in the crowd. I honestly feel like there is so much I want to give back through this church. I’m here to be used, and thankful for this body of believers.

Tonight I am going to my first Community Small Group, and I can’t wait! The couple leading it are the new worship leader and his wife at Red Sea, and they are also new to the church. I’m stoked to hang out with them on Wednesday nights!

I’ve got a few new good friends here in P-town. My roommate Jon is a great guy. He’s my age and has a similar background in sales. We have had some really great conversations about life, faith, and all things relational. Kari is my new BFF, whose family I’ve adopted. They are very cool people and I’m excited to have her in my life. She’s an encourager and a realist, and getting to know her has been awesome! My other roommate John is a great guy too! Jon, John and I are going to throw some great house parties this summer! Already found a guy to supply us large quantities of quality food for a decent price! If you are in Portland, you are invited.

I miss my friends back home, but not Nashville really. Besides Nashville has turned into Atlantis Jr. I hear. I wonder if Pat Robertson will say we made a pact with the devil and were thus flooded. I dare ya pat!

I’m flying back to Nashville June 17th and will be there till the 21st. My dad is getting re-married and I’m looking forward to standing with him at the altar. Marissa is coming with me, so any of you in Nashville reading this might get to meet her.

My attempt to live a better story is going well. I’ve gone 4 days without soda of any kind. I’ve gone 4 days without fast food, unless you count a low-calorie Subway SAMMICH! Marissa says that is fast food, but what do women know anyway! Tonight I went to a cafe on Denver St. called Posies, and had a blast listening to live music and walking around the Kenton district. The coffee was some of the best I’ve had and I’ll be going back there to write this week.

All in all things are going very, very well. I’ll be posting pictures from the trip, and video of my new life here in Portland this week. Words can not describe how blessed I am by the people in my life. I love all of you and am thankful for your prayers.

Now to find a job… Another prayer request? Definitely! And you thought you were off the hook just because I’d made it here!  😉

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