Questioning Christianity: Ep. 2- Does Size Really Matter?

Posted on August 25, 2010


The longer I live in Portland, it seems, the more aware I am of the religious subculture developing back home. It’s an awkward thing to hear about, the same 5 pastors dominating the blogosphere and twitter, and doing little to nothing to actually impact their communities at large. So I’m sending a few questions out into the void in the next few blogs. Feel free to agree or disagree via comments, but please make sure that in either case you explain why it is you are taking the position you are so I can learn from you.

Question 2:

Does Size Really Matter? Before you answer get your mind out of the gutter… I’m referring to church size!

(Cartoon by David Hayward, aka The Naked Pastor)

It really bothers me to see the mega-church, multi-site campus model of churches choke the level of community of the smaller house or bar churches. It also irks me to see pastors seemingly competing with other pastors over who has more “sway” within the evangelical super-bubble, while the harder-working, more faithful pastors struggle to pay the bills because they are putting so much back into the community.

So here’s the question. Assuming you go to a church– even if you don’t you can still give your opinion on this one– would you be more likely to go to a church with a huge building/campus or a smaller more intimate church? And what do you see being the pros and cons of either?

Does size really matter?