Just Another Life Update…

Posted on September 20, 2010


I must say that Portland’s weather suits me. I love the rain. I don’t think I loved the rain in other places because it wasn’t set against a backdrop of Pacific North-West foliage and the giant furs that seem to be everywhere. When it rains a steady cloud of mist ascends through the forests and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful. If you’ve ever watched any of the Twilight movies, or The Ring you will know what I’m talking about. Sorry I don’t have better movie examples for you, but they will just have to do.

Outside my window our tree is already bright red. It’s so red in fact that when the sun shines the area around the window takes on the same color. Labor Day came and the trees, almost as if on cue, began changing.

As for daily life, everything is okay. I’ve been looking for a job for months with no success. This morning I had a second interview for a retail job. At this point I’m desperate to pay the bills so I’ll do almost anything to re-steady the bank account. I wish I had known that Portland has the 2nd worst unemployment ranking in the country (behind Detroit obviously).

I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s provision lately. Somehow jobless I’ve been able to survive for four months with very little money, and I know He’s taking care of me. It’s humbling, and it’s beautiful. I just pray I’ll be working soon, so I can save some money for a change!

The book IS coming along. A lot of the issues I was having trouble putting into words are finally starting to reveal themselves to me in a new way and it’s making the writing process much easier. I think I really needed to digest the research before I could commit to writing this thing, and now I feel ready. Please keep praying for me as I attempt to let the Spirit lead me in this endeavor instead of my own vanity.

The only bad news I have to share is that I won’t be able to make it back to Nashville for my nephews birth, which could happen any day now. I was hoping to go back for a week or two but can’t justify spending the money when I have to pay the bills. My new plan is to go back December 2nd-8th to attend the Outlaw Preacher Reunion and visit family before the Holidays. I won’t be home for Christmas so it will be my only chance before the end of the year.


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