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Questioning Christianity: Ep. 2- Does Size Really Matter?

August 25, 2010


The longer I live in Portland, it seems, the more aware I am of the religious subculture developing back home. It’s an awkward thing to hear about, the same 5 pastors dominating the blogosphere and twitter, and doing little to nothing to actually impact their communities at large. So I’m sending a few questions out […]

Another Confession: I’m A Networking Narcissist

July 28, 2010


(photo by David Hayward) I’ve kinda fallen off the twitter/blogging map for a while and I wanted to share a few thoughts about why… Just in case you were wondering. A few months ago my agent and I had a really honest talk. She told me that connecting with people was a great thing, and […]

Losing My Religion: John Harrison Sermon

March 7, 2010


Some Outlaw Preacher friends just posted a new podcast! I need you to listen to it… Beautiful! Please take some time and listen to it!

A Review– Chris Tomlinson’s “Crave”

February 9, 2010


Chris Tomlinson’s new book Crave is perhaps the most straightforward and honest Christian book I’ve ever read. It’s simple, but profound, and not only am I a better follower of Christ for having read it, I am thinking more deeply about my own cravings as a result. To be honest with you, little of what […]


February 5, 2010


I had a dream the other night that I was at a Starbucks inside a huge shopping mall, and instead of ordering coffee I got a huge glass of ice water. I started drinking the water like I never had it in my life, gulping and chugging ounce after ounce until the glass was empty. […]

Do You Really Love _____?

January 31, 2010


Okay so I’ve read the 28 comments left by everyone on my last blog concerning marriage, and my new question is this: If the Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves, could one of the reasons so many relationships fail be because we do not love ourselves enough to love our spouses the […]

Confession: A Single Christian’s Apathy Towards Marriage

January 31, 2010


For as long as I’ve been aware that I was single, “alone”, I’ve desired marriage. I’ve thought of my future with whoever it is I’m supposed to marry, more than most things in my life. And as such I already possess an intense love for this stranger, unlike the love I feel for anyone else. […]