Countdown: 41 Days

Posted on March 13, 2010


This trip is going to be insane! I pray my car makes it. From A to B is 2,400 miles crossing over 7 states.

Along the way I’ll be seeing my relatives in KC, @Chad_Estes in Boise, and @inworship and @inprogress in Southern Oregon!

To pray for (updated):

1. I now have a place I’m pretty sure will work out! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Please pray that the transition into the house will be easy!

2. My car… My car cries when I show it that picture! Pray that God’s hand will keep it running smoothly, and that it will perform just as well as it did both times I moved to Southern Florida and Dallas!

3. A job… I’ve got money for two months rent, and I need a stable job to be able to handle the rent!

Thank you guys for your prayers, advice, and encouragement! I’ll be boxing up my things this weekend and cleaning out my car, and will be couch surfing until the beautiful city of Portland!